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Accreditation of Institutes by National Board Of Examinations

Accreditation of Institutes by National Board Of Examinations
National Board of Examinations was launched in 1975 with the main aims of developing the character of the Medical Education through elevating the level and establishing standards of post graduate exams in New medicine on an all India basis. There are over than 149 accredited Medical Colleges in the nation. The Board at present directs postgraduate and postdoctoral exams in fifty-four subjects sanctioned through the Board for the grant of Diplomate of National Board. The Medical Council of India has laid down standards for post graduate exams guided through several medical colleges and associated to concerned universities and other establishments,

NBE (National Board for Examination) will be recast as the NBHE (National Board for Health Education) that will facilitate and encourage academic studies and research in emerging fields of health education with concentrate on professional health education and to assure uniform augmentation of trained specialists and super-specialists. At the same time, National Board of Examinations will sanction and notify standards of academic character for accreditation and benchmarking of education in accredited health institutions. NBE (National Board for Examination) will take evaluates to develop and regulate the procedure of evaluation and assessment and accreditation of institutions giving health and programs conducted.

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