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AICE Diploma

The AICE Diploma itself is designed to be a Two year program created up with AS/ A Level courses. AS/ A Level exams are presently being offered in over 100 countries. During the 11th and 12th grade, students will undertake AICE classes. The AICE Diploma demands passing exams in at least six courses (credits). Each Cambridge AS Level Exam counts as one full credit. A Cambridge a Level Exam counts as a double credit qualification.

AICE Diploma Requirements
AICE Diploma students must satisfy the following:
¨ Six credits to include one exam from each of the 3 subject groups
¨ Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level exams = 1credit
¨ Advanced (A) Level exams = 2 credits
¨ Students who complete 6 AICE credits can achieve the AICE Diploma

University of Cambridge International Examinations Center US139
Cambridge International Fellowship Centre

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