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AICF Registration

All India Chess Federation A.I.C.F. debarred me from chess active nesses on 27 March 2008. I was ended from even acting chess in Goa. Although I asked the A.I.C.F. to explain the deduces for their action they have not answered to me.

They are not willing to begin the legal proceeding to take no indulgent action against me In consequence what this means is that I am left in a state of limbo. In order to contest them, from May 2008, I had been trying to get the A.I.C.F. property to see whether they could behave in this unjust fashion.

The A.I.C.F. denied me a copy of it. Finally on 30 December 2008 I was sent a copy of the memo of Association and Rules and rules amended till 1960 from the District recorder of Societies, Chennai North. This is officially what amounts to the property of the A.I.C.F. All India Chess Federation

All India Chess Federation
Room No. 82, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Periamet,
Chennai 600 003, India
Phone (91)44-551 449 66
Fax (91)44-253 686 98

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