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All India Institute of Medical Sciences Results

All India Institute for Medical Sciences is one of the most esteemed introductions in India. The establish aims at allowing for high criterion of examination breeding and is an instauration of interior value. Explore backings and substructure usable at AIIMS puts it much ahead of any other medical establishes in India. So there is no doubt that getting a seat in AIIMS is considered really honored. All India Institute for Medical Science Exam is held for the accession of students to the MBBS course offered by the institution. AIIMS admission Exam 2010 for MBBS courses will be held on 10th January, 2010 (Sunday).

The website of AIIMS Results page is infected with malicious worm / Malaware. So while searching your results from the website of AIIMS scans the page with anti virus.
AIIMS Results Page:

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