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Bhavnagar University tender

Bhavnagar University tender
Bhavnagar University is a public university was set up in 1978 year. The university provides high quality of Teaching and Research Programs in Science, Arts, Commerce, Engineering, Medicine, Management, Rural Studies and Law Faculties. Bhavnagar University is in distinction from others known for its high quality Higher Degree Research activities. Research activities are Move while supporting, either in a vehicle or in one’s hands or on one’s body out in the most relevant and high-profile areas as Nano-Technology, Marine Ecology, Intellectual Property Rights & its Management and Entrepreneurship etc.

Bhavnagar University tender
To check out more detail about Bhavnagar University tender please visit its official web site

Gaurishanker Lake Road,
Bhavnagar – 364 022.
Gujarat – INDIA
Fax: (V.C.): (0278)-2426706
(Registrar): (0278)-2513943 Website:

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