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BIT Mesra Kolkata

Birla Institute of Technology was based in 1995. It began by extending three courses Post alumna certificate in computing device application program as a full time course with 30 seats and Masters of technology in computing device research project along with captains of technology in computing device application program as part time courses with 30 seats severally. This establishes started operating at Salt Lake. The Nettech curriculum in Network direction will test your powers with the basics of communicating and dealing electronic network (typically on Linux platforms).

Birla Institute of Technology,
Kolkata Extension Centre
Southend Conclave,
4th Floor,
1582 Rajdanga Main Road,
Kolkata-700 107
Phone number: [033] 2441 4542/ 2441 4456/ 6525 6728
Fax number: [033] 2441 4299

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