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CCL Tenders

Couple to Couple League (CCL) is an international, Catholic Church, non-profit establishment devoted to pushing and instructing Natural Family Planning (NFP) to equaled and employed couples. It is basically a offer system because services are provided by professionally-trained volunteers who are supported by a relatively small staff at the international force in metropolis, Ohio.

Mac OS X supports connection over phone lines using Hayes-simpatico modems and similar connection carries such as noncellular phones. It allows for support for these modems using modem scripts.

This course is aimed at allowing for legal professional person with an summary of Digital police work and how it can be used in both Criminal and Civil cases.


Couple to Couple League International, Inc.
P.O. Box 111184 Cincinnati, OH
Phone Numbers: (513) 471-2000
(800) 745-8252
FAX :(513) 559-2449

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