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CECRI Madras Unit

CECRI Madras Unit
CECRI Madras Centre was founded in 1971; this complex is one among the three centers of Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi. This Centre has been lately transmuted into a full functioning R&D Centre for select electrochemical power systems namely Fuel cells, Super capacitors and electrochemical solar cells.
The Centre has been lately reconfigured with advanced services with following labs namely (i) Electro catalysis Laboratory, (ii) Materials Characterization Laboratory, (iii) Preparative Laboratory, (iv) Electrode Fabrication Laboratory and (v) Fuel cell assembly and evaluation Laboratory. The center is pitched now for arising proper factors and systems taking interdisciplinary acts of Electrochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Computational methods to meet the challenges in the above observed activities.

Central Electrochemical Research Institute
Karaikudi 630006 (Tamil Nadu)
Fax 04565-227779 (Director’s Office)

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