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CMET Hyderabad

Centre for materials for electronics technology (c-met) committed to the progress of skilled research and growth in the surface of electronic fabrics, the Centre for textiles for physics engineering (C-MET) offices as an independent scientific company under Dept. of data engineering, Ministry of contents and data Technology (MCIT), and Govt. of India. Besides growing core ability, C-MET sees skill of self-enough in the sphere of electron beam fabrics, C-MET has three laboratories operational at Pune, Hyderabad and Thrissur and the Central proration is carried out from Pune.

The regions are operative from their own constructions and the essential structure services, procedure and part instrumentality etc., have been based for project the activities in named thrust areas.

Centre for materials for electronics technology (c-met)
Panchawati, Off Pashan Road
Pune: 411 008.
Tel.: +91(020) 25898724, 25898141, 25898390
Fax: +91(020)25898085, 25898180

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