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CPRI Meerut

CPRI Meerut
Central Potato Research Institute Campus works to attempt fundamental and strategically experiment for arising technologies to raise productiveness and usage of potato. Its aim is to develop disease-free basic seed of different notified forms formulated by the institute. It behaves as national repository of scientific information applicable to potato.

1. To offer leadership and co-ordinate network research with state agricultural universities
2. For producing location and variety-specific technologies and for figuring out area-specific troubles of potato production.
3. To cooperate with national and international agencies in attaining the aims.
4. To act as a focus on for training in research methods and technology for up-grading scientific workforce in advanced technologies for potato production.
5. To offer practice in potato research and development.

Central Potato Research Institute Campus
(Indian Council for Agricultural Research)
Modipuram-250 110, Meerut (UP), India
Telephone: (0121) 2577742; Fax : (0121) 2576584

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