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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programs stress on the application of theory instead of the development of new theory. While also proposed to develop graduates for academic careers, the DBA, by pureness of its stress on application of theory, has more virtual application in managerial settings than the PhD. MBA will importantly gain the salary equated to someone who’s only completed B.A. In much perception, Doctorate Degree is the most prominent level of degree potential in the present education system, and naturally the salary goes up. While MBA is a 2 year full time course it may be done by any stream of student.

MBA can be done in the various field in marketing finance, HRD, catering Hotel management but the DBA can done only in the one special field. The DBA is a professional eligibility that is projected to change professionals who already have a postgraduate degree such as an MBA to lead their learning and make an attempt to the body of knowledge of their practice area. Since the DBA is a practical course that requires candidates to research an area of business practice it is generally provided as a part time course for practicing managers.

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