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DBMS Syllabus

Database Management Systems Syllabus of Mahatma Gandhi University given below
Module I: Introduction
1.1 DBMS an overview
1.2 Advantages of DBMS
1.3 Network, Hierarchical and Relational Model
1.4 Levels of abstraction
1.5 Data Independence
1.6 Data Models
1.7 Instances and schemes
1.8 Data independence
1.9 Structures of a DBMS
1.10 Application Programmers & Data Base administrators – their function
1.11 Transaction Management
Module II: Entity Relationship Model
2.1 Entities
2.2 Attributes and Entity Sets
2.3 Relation and Relationships sets
2.4 Features of E-R Model
Module III: Relational Model
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Integrity constraints over relations
3.3 Enforcing Data Integrity
3.4 Integrity Constraints
3.5 Relational Data
3.6 Logical Data Base Design
3.7 E-R to relational
3.8 Introduction to views
3.9 Querying
Module IV: Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus
4.1 Operations on Relational Algebra
4.2 Operations on Relational Calculus
4.3 Tuple Relational Calculus
4.4 Domain Relational Calculus
Module V: Database Design
5.1 Introduction to Schema Refinement
5.2 Functional Dependencies
5.3 Normal Forms-First , Second, Third, Boyce code, Fourth and Fifth Normal forms
5.4 Multivalued Dependencies
Module VI: Structured Query Language
6.1 Basic SQL Queries
6.2 Union, Intersect and Except
6.3 Nested Queries
6.4 Aggregate operator
6.5 Null Values
6.6 Embedded SQL
6.7 Cursors
6.8 Dynamic SQL
6.9 ODBC and JDBC-Architecture and example
6.10 Triggers and Active Data Bases
6.11 Updates in QBE
Module VII: QBE
7.1 Introduction-Basic QBE queries
7.2 Queries over multiple relations
7.3 Negation in the Relations
7.4 Name Column-Aggregates-The Condition for updates
7.5 Division & Relational Completeness
Module VIII: Concurrency control
8.1 Concurrency Control -Overview
8.2 Concurrency control problems
8.3 Locks
8.4 Deadlocks
8.5 Serializability
8.6 Recovery

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