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Diploma in Actuarial Science

Diploma in Actuarial Science
Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Actuarial Science (PGDAS) is one year full time
Diploma in Actuarial Science derived its origins from Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Finance. It has uses in the area of Life insurance, General insurance, and Health insurance, Reinsurance, Calculation of Gratuity, Pension, Leave Encashment, Asset Valuation, Pricing of Securities and Derivatives, Risk Valuation, Risk Management and so on. The Actuarial Science Programme was established in 2003 at NMIMS (Deemed University).

It is a singular programme of its kind for the first time in India to serve satisfies the instructional demands of actuarial science fellowship aspirants. The aim of the programme is to assistance these students train well in a short time for a large no. of papers of the fellowship programme so that the procedure of their becoming specified gets expedited. Topics dealt on the course correspond to the CT1- CT8 series of the joint examinations of the module and Institute of Actuaries. Students who accomplish well on the course can find exemption from some or all of these professional exams.

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