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Distance Learning K-12

Distance Learning K-12
Though distance learning in K-12 education is not as prevalent as it is in the adult world, there are many forms of distance learning that are becoming growingly ordinary in schools throughout the world. In fact, “Online learning – for students and for teachers – is one of the rapidest developing trends in educational uses of technology” (Means, Toyama, Murphy, Bakia, & Jones, 2009, p. xi). The National Center for Education Statistics (2008) approximated that the number of K-12 public school students enrolling in a technology-based distance education course developed through 65 percent in the two years from 2002-03 to 2004-05. A survey directed through Picciano and Seaman (2009) reported an additional increase of 47% between 2005-06 and 2007-08. They calculated that more than a million K–12 students took online courses in the 2007–08 school years.

Include applications inThe K-12 distance learning
Instruction for Home schooled Students
Virtual High Schools
Instruction for Distributed Classes
Interactions with Outside Experts
Mentoring and Tutoring of Distant Students
Collaborative Projects
Access to Remote Resources
Staff Development Programs

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