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FDCA Insurance

FDCA Insurance
Family Day Care Australia was founded in 1988 to reserve for effective advocacy and progress of the family day care program on a national level. FDCA is an apolitical, independent national property that agrees the traditional family day care example of a central coordination unit working in contract with carers, families, service functions and local groups. Family Day Care Australia is family day care’s have insurance modify with over 13 years experience in this unique market sector. The Family Day Care National Insurance in 1993 made Plan and formulated a range of family day care specific insurance products in effect to the demands of the family day care community.

Operational fields
Business development and member services
Finance and Human Relations
Policy, research and advocacy
Marketing, media relations and communications
Board and Executive liaison

Family Day Care Australia
PO Box 571
Fax: 02 4324 7882

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