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Forensic Science Laboratory Hyderabad

Forensic Science Laboratory Hyderabad
Forensic sciences or forensics is the application of several scientific methods and principles to investigate criminal and civil actions which are of interest to the legal systems. The forensic scientists work in close quarter with the police to offer information in solving a case. All the evidences gathered from a crime scene are analyzed by forensic scientists in a crime laboratory and are converted into evidences worth producing in legal courts. There are a number of institutes that provide forensic science courses in India.

Subdivisions of forensic sciences
There are various subdivisions of forensic sciences, they are:
Forensic archeology
Forensic biology
Forensic economics
Forensic engineering
Forensic epistemology
Forensic linguistics
Forensic psychology
Forensic serology
Forensic anthropology
Forensic computing or digital forensics

State Forensic Science Laboratory,
Red. Hills,

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