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Grill Grid

Grill Grid
Sometimes denoted to as a vegetable grill grid or a grilling grid, the common grill grid is utilized to cook a number of foods that might be too small to place on a standard grill plate or rack.

How to Clean Your Gas Grill’s Cooking Grid
1. Make sure grill is not hot
2. Using a wire brush remove all loose junk from cooking grid.
3. Continue using wire-brush to score/scratch the surface coated with the black cooked on junk.
4. It does not have to be perfectly clean.
5. Place cooking grid in the garbage bag or the seal-able plastic container.
6. Add 6-8 ounces of ammonia
7. Close container and let it sit overnight about 12 hours.
8. Remove from container the following day and using the wire-brush – easily remove the remaining junk.
9. Rinse with water.

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