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GSBA Zurich

GSBA Zurich
GSBA Zurich is an international Business School founded in 1968 at lakeshore Zurich, Switzerland. It conducted the first Executive MBA program to German speaking Europe in 1985. Almost all GSBA MBA students and lots of its BBA students are so soon in middle-management or even senior positions. GSBA has been dynamic in the German-speaking market for 34 years and has some 9,000 alumni and 1,400 executive students. . GSBA has an innovative campus, a strong alumni network and an awesome cadre of part-time staff. It is practicing very well as a hundred percent private institution. Its course offerings are relevant for today’s executives. The most effective method for Executives is the “living-case-study” which was prepared and formulated by GSBA in Zurich. Extensive experience with the living case shows that it renders an excellent foundation to grow practical management skills.

Graduate School of Business Administration Zurich
Hirsackerstrasse 46
Horgen / Zürich 8810

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