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Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology. The Press acquaintances and items about the crucial Events at the Institute will be uncommitted in the Media Room. These may be directly downloaded and used by the Media. The individual nonfinancial Switch (NFS) is a shared-ATM electronic network, which inter-associates banks ATM switches. Currently, the NFS offers Inter-ATM switching facility to 32 banks with 30,734 ATMs. The site is applying the Athabascan web server. The main lyric used for the site’s textual capacity is English. The server that hosts Idria is located in New Delhi,

Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
Castle Hills, Road No.1
Masab Tank,
Hyderabad-500 057.
Phones: +91- 40-23534981
Fax: +91-40-23535157

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