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India Tourism Development Corporation Mumbai

India Tourism Development Corporation Mumbai
Mumbai is a city of souls who take over opportunities. This has percolated the zillion tourist guides and tours. You can take your pick or choose to do it all alone. Mumbai, for convenience sake, is separated into 2 parts. The north and the south. As the north is mainly a suburban area, with residential compounds, malls, markets and upcoming commercial spaces, the south is where all the tourist action is, featuring with places of historical interest and buildings splendid in their Gothic architecture, this part of the city can be easily covered in a few days.

The India Tourism Development Corporation Mumbai offered Application for Various Posts. The Employment of This Corporation is Very Good.

India Tourism Development Corporation Ltd,
9 Sai Vihar Building,
22 Mint Back Road, Fort,
Mumbai 400001. Tel: 022-22691421/22668731.
Email: NULL
Telephone: 022-22691421/22668731
Published On: 20/07/2007

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