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Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd

The Company (Manufacturing Ayurvedic and Unani Medicines) having found drug permit (G.M.P. credential regenerated upto 09.06.2010) is a GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ENTERPRISE (under the Administrative Control of the Department of AYUSH (Ministry of Health & Family Welfare), Indian Red Cross Building, Red Cross Road, New Delhi)

Service Records
The Company shall maintain service records for every workman control particulars regarding his date of birth, qualification, date of employment, date of increment, punishment or commendations if any, leave and such other particulars.

The establishment Branch of the Company will record the age of every employee. The comply documents shall be deemed to be satisfactory proof of the age of the employee at the time that the employee enters Company’s service:-

Matriculation or School Leaving Certificate.
Birth Certificate.
An employee, who is unable to produce a documentary evidence of his age, shall state his age and make a written affidavit before the Oath Commissioner that the age as stated by him is correct.

The age of an employee as recorded with the Company at the time of his employment shall not thereafter be sought to be altered by the employee.

Indian Medicines Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited
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