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ISRO Recruitment

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is the conducting space explore establishment in the Earth and it is ISRO which has caused so many things for the nation and the human being society by digging into new affairs and engineering for the growth of the Society. The ISRO is bearing the plant achievement of people in the field of mechanically skillful technology and physics technology.ISRO stands for Indian Space explore establishment. Under the control of the authorities, ISRO is the main body for space explore

How to Apply
The application for on-line registration will be hosted in the ISRO web-site between 05-02-2010 and 26-02-2010.

Candidates may visit our web-site at to register their applications on-line between 05-02-2010 and 26-02-2010.

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New BEL Road,
Bangalore-560 231
Phone No.23415275 or 22172296
Fax No.23511984
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