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KMVN Kausani

KMVN Kausani
KMVN is a Tourist Rest House. This is situated opposite to Kausani Estate Bungalow. KMVN rest house was displayed to visitors in 1984. The rest house is 200 kms away from Panthnagar Airport. The nearest terminal is Kathgodam Railway Station, which is 150 kms away. The closest Bus station is in Almora and it is 52 kms away. The place is set 2 kms away from Gandhi Ashram and Panth Museum. It is 6 kms away from Tea Garden and Tea Factory. Facilities Available at such as: Catering in every Tourist Rest House TV, Hot Water, Telephone in most of Tourist Rest House & Gymnasium at chose Tourist Rest House etc.

Uttaranchal – 263637

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