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Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Aurangabad

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Aurangabad
The name Maharashtra first seemed in a 7th century inscription and in a Chinese traveler’s account. Its name may have developed from rathi, which means, “chariot driver”. At that age Maharashtra was full of builders and operators of chariots who shaped a maharathis, a “fighting force.” In 90 A.D. king Vedishri made Junnar, thirty mlies north of Pune, the capital of his kingdom. In the early fourteenth century the Devgiri Yadavs were subverted by the northern Muslim powers. Then on, for the 900 years ending, no historical information in this area is uncommitted. In 1526, first Mughal king, Babar, launched his protuberance in Delhi and soon the Mughal power spread to the southern India. The Mughals were to prevail India till the early eighteenth century.

Express Towers, 9th Floor,
Nariman Point, Mumbai-400 021
TEL: +91 22 2204 4040 (5 Lines)
FAX: +91 22 2202 4521

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