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Marine Engg Trainee GME

Marine Engg Trainee GME
Marine Engg Trainee GME stands for Graduate Mechanical Engineer – To Join as Trainee Marine Engineer. A pre-sea training program for Graduate Mechanical Engineers approved by the Director General of Shipping Government of india. This Program trains Candidates in the theory and practice of marine Engineering and completes workshop training as per the IMO module courses. It provides Ship owners with a ready Marine Engineer. These 12 months Pre-Sea courses at the Academy carries general training in Marine Engineering and Shipboard pattern. It includes of academics and ship experience on with Marine Workshop training created at academy.

After play of the courses at the Academy the candidate receives the four basic STCW course. The candidate is exempted from Class IV Part A COC & gets it on the basis of Academy passing out certificate. The candidates then join the shipping company’s vessels as Junior Engineers for sea time of 8 months where they undergo encourage practical training and maintain their TARB to insure that the total syllabus is crossed and they get to do all tasks as prescribed. After this he goes for this Class IV part B, written & oral examination.

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    abhishek kumar Says:

    i am for rvd university for ugc dec approved couresh .do you give to me information for GME couresh and good placement

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