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MBA Clinical Research

MBA Clinical Research
A clinical research is a scientific sketch of the effects, risks, efficaciousness and benefits of a medicinal product. These are contained out prior to the issue of the medicine in the market. These tries out are attempted at several stages and studies are guided after the set up of a new product to monitor safety and fallouts during large-scale use. To get the MBA Degree in clinical research in India candidate must have the Science & Pharmacy graduates, Ph. D, Doctors and Dentists can also apply.

There are various development possibilities along the way for those willing to learn. For those concerned in serious research work, a PhD is the ideal solution. Clinical trials are guided by pharmaceutical companies or contract research administrations (CRO’s) on their behalf. It is this field that is driving the development in clinical research in India. The course will be project-centric and the lectures will be held by industry professionals like hospital doctors who are part of clinical trials. There is a MBA in Clinical Research course from Ruia College, Mumbai.

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