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Memorandum of GSBA, Greater Noida

Memorandum of GSBA, Greater Noida

Graduate School of Business & Administration Greater Noida is one of the top 50 Business Schools in the country that has been extending PGDBA Program with a quality. The Institute gives the most recent Audio-Video instructing apparatuses for speeches and has formulated its eternal relationship with the industries for giving practical training to the students by industrial visits, interaction of organizations with the students and undergoing Summer Training. Graduate School of Business & Administration, Greater Noida India has signed Memorandum of Understanding with ESC-Bretagne-Brest, Graduate School of Management, Brittany.

Courses offered

Sector ALpha-2, Greater Noida-201306
Telephone: 0120-2320521, 2320523, 2320524
Fax: 0120-2320522

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    Hello friends.
    We are the students and alumni of GSBA i.e. Graduate School of Business & Administration, Greater Noida.

    Let us unveil some of the daring truths of GSBA to you all so that no other innocent gets trapped in this FRAUD college. GSBA as self claimed to be one of the top 50 colleges of India, is no better than any of those colleges mushrooming here and there.

    It was established in 1993 but never in its history was able to place a single student in a descent place with descent profile. All the companies which are listed in the website ( ) are all false. They never visited this college or placed any student from here. The placement officer ( Mr. T. N. Srivastava ) is an 87 yrs old rag, who can’t even remember things for few minutes.

    For the last few years hardly any company visited the campus. And surprisingly the administration is least bothered about it. And why will they??? After all they have got there fees in time. Oh one more thing, these people will not hesitate to pull you out of the examination if you haven’t paid the complete fees on time. Average salary that students are getting from this college is hardly Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 per month.

    Even a graduate gets better salary offers than us. The only thing that GSBA placement cell does is copy and paste job postings from in the notice boards. Is that called placement??? Moreover the faculties are horrible. Some of them are worse that municipality school teachers. Some are even fresh MBA graduates with hardly any academic or industrial experience. Moreover the infrastructure is pathetic.

    The computer labs are worse than local cyber cafes. Hardly any one of them works. Wi-Fi is just for name’s sake. The speed is so bad that it takes 5 mint to load a simple page. In library you will hardly find multiple copies of most demanded books. In short nothing is fine in GSBA. None of the students are satisfied with this college. Be it present or past students.

    All are having a lot of grudge against this college. Especially against the Executive Director, Dr. P. L Maggu. That person is no better than a devil who can only smell money. Once you have paid the fees, he will dump you in th bin. And this is the reason why strength of GSBA reduced from 240 in 2008-10 batch to 78 in 2009-11 batch to 47 in 2010-12 batch.

    So guys, please spread these words among your friends so that no other person takes admission in this college and suffer like us.

    Posted on 06-Apr-11 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

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