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MMTC cherished Metals part is one of the merchandising parts of MMTC Ltd., India. Carrying on primarily with implication and export of gold & silver, atomic number 78, atomic number 46, gems, rough infields and other semi preciously colour stones. This part is campaigning obligation free jewelry salerooms at Mumbai, Chennai and – ‘Sanchi’. The production range is known for its honor, aim and high quality.

MMTC supplies gold and studded jewelry, and furnishes gold on loan basis to the block of metal traders and jewelry maker in India. It also sells spelt minor metals like atomic number 12, antimony, silicon and quicksilver, as also developed raw cloths like amphibole, and steel.

MMTC Limited
Scope Complex, Core-1
No. 7 Institutional Area, Lodhi Road
Tel: 1124361889

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