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NAIP Foreign Training

NAIP will affirm need-based training on technological/ entrepreneurial authorization of farmers/ farm women and other neutrals. The guidance for such trainings will be grew in due course trusting on the type of controlling and purpose. However, the host institution is expected to render accommodation to the associates without/ or on a very nominal charge. As the extraneous training is capital intensive, utmost care must be taken in considering the training requires in varied components/ activities of NAIP. The necessitate for foreign training could be justified in relative to its importance for the work of the sub-project. Similarly, the requires for securing the services of foreign advisers should be measured very judiciously so that the maximum benefits may be deduced in terms of scientific achievements. Preparation of training other Indian scientists from concerned fields at the time of visit of consultant should also be made so that the needed capacity is developed in NARS.

National Agricultural Innovation Project
Floor Nos. 3 and 5,
Krishi Anusandhan Bhawan – II,
PUSA Campus, New Delhi – 110 012

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