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NATMO, National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organization, is a prime National Organization in the area of thematic maps and atlas making, under the ministry of science and technology of India. Professor S P Chatterjee, enlisted the plan for the basis of the organization and in April 1954 it took shape. On 18th August 1956 this small organization grew into the National Atlas Organization under the Geography Department of Kolkata University.

Training courses
Digital Mapping and Geographical Information System
Digital Cartography
Application of Aerial photography in thematic mapping

National Atlas & Thematic Mapping Organisation,
C.G.O. Complex, (7th Floor),
DF Block, Bidhan Nagar,
Kolkata – 700 064.
Phone No: 2334-3699, 2334-6331, 2334-5006
Fax No: 033-2334-6460

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