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Niamat Khan

The Sarai Naimat Khan town is a anesthetic business hub for besieging villages. It is about 15 km from the Haripur District. Serai Niamat Khan is also associated to Havelian which approximately 27 km away. Means of transport is road only and most people travel on local buses, pickups and vans. The main origin of income for most of the occupants is agriculture but due to lack of water resources it has built people to look for change origins of income. In recent years a big number of people have engrained to larger cities to work there. Sarai Naimat Khan village is separated into small areas e.g. Mohallah Khu, Jora Pind, Nearia Abad, Moriyan, Najeeb Abad, Mohalla Ziarat and a few more.

Banda Munir
Bandi Pirdad
Bayan Ahmed Ali Khan
Noor Pur Paswal
Sarai Niamat Khan
Serian Dharam Pani

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