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NIT Patna Placement

The training and placement cell of NIT PATNA figures an integral part in shaping the careers of the students of the institute. It prepares and arranges campus placement program to accomplish its loyalty of a job to every applicant. Not only that it also promotes and works for the staying training for the college employees. NIT patna is in the process of attaining the position of a centre of advisability to contribute higher training research and development in Science, Engineering & Technology. NIT was announced National Institute of Technology on January 28, 2004 and famous as “National Institute of Technology Patna”.

The Placement and Training cell assures that every student goes through compulsory business concern training and summer internship at the best research institutes and regarded as technical systems of the country. By arranging with several industries and research institutes the students get themselves resolved to the various technological advancements taking place worldwide.

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