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NIT Patna Techfest

The Technical Society of NIT PATNA plays a key role in nurturing the coming technocrats and enterprisers. The basic need behind this council is to assure that there is a creative ambience in the campus which facilitates the coming up of both advanced solutions and thoughts for problems which stand as challenges in the spirit of science & technology.

Techfest is a major event under the society.
CORONA: Its an all India level technical festival which aims at serving as a platform for all interested students to show case their skills, creativity & ingenuity. In other words, it is aimed at harbouring talent. It provides a platform for the engineering talent to exhibit applications and devices , along with attending various workshops and lectures . overall there is a tremendous scope for knowledge sharing and interaction of ideas.

Concreate: Marks the beginning of an annual national level technical symposium on CIVIL Engineering.

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