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Patna University Results

Patna University is the 7th most former University of the Indian subcontinent, which was founded in the year 1917 to cater to the developing motives of higher education of Bihar, Orissa and Nepal. The history of this University is almost associated with the history of modern Bihar – the saga of her educational, cultural, political and economic increase.
The University was laid down as a probing body and carried examinations right from metric to the Postgraduate classes. Its jurisdiction extensive to Bihar, Orissa and Nepal and for four decades since its inception, this University guided the destiny of these States.

The outstanding personalities demanded in top administrative places, well specified learned teachers and students have largely promoted towards its rich academic heritage. Patna University has been containing quality education to its students, which is amply reflected in the achiever of our students at the all India level competitions. Even today Patna University holds important positions in the Central Services Examination. In the year of women Credentials University have accorded great significance to the education of women and for that the University started commerce education in Patna Women’s College and Magadh Mahila College.

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