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Periyar Institute of Distance Education Results

The Periyar University was demonstrated by the Act 45 of Government of Tamilnadu in 1997. The University is named after a famous social apparatus popularly called Thanthai Periyar”. The University thus founded had its origin with the three sections (Commerce, Geology and Mathematics) of Postgraduate extension center of Madras University operating at Salem at that time. The vision of Periyar University, as enshrined in the logo. This is based on the Philosophy of “Thanthai Periyar” in whose name the University has been founded, that man becomes man only through developing knowledge.

The open learning system is a unique and challenging manner of education offered at the University level. This system furnishes ample chances for those who want to have University education at their place of work or residence. The method is popularly known as Distance Education. The University has been making continuous attempts to improve the process of education system. It has introduced a new syllabus for all the PG courses to enhance employability components. Master’s and Phd. programmes are conducted by all departments of the Periyar University. The results of Periyar Institute of Distance Education are available on our official website

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