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Prist University Centre For Distance Education

Prof. P. Murugesan founded RICST (Ram Institute of Computer Science & Technology) in 1985, way ahead of the IT-wave of the 90’s. This pioneering effort in the agricultural district of Thanjavur acquired quick identification by its association to the Bharathidasan University in 1989 for PGDCA course. The Centre for Distance Education is one more feather in the cap of PRIST UNIVERSITY which is creating rapid steps in the academic script of India. This centre under PRIST UNIVERSITY is devoted to the Conviction that Distance Education is an effective way of spreading education and technology to the people of India. We are convinced that the combination of the well-planned programmes and the economical fee structure will evoke tremendous response from the student community of all ages.

To create an ability among the students towards training as a life long procedure of formal and practical learning on the platform of assimilation of occurrences for ongoing cognition and skill to be of value to oneself and therefore to the society.

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