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Raja Ramanna Institute Indor

Raja ramanna institute indore for encouraged Technology was founded by the section of Atomic Energy, India to expand the actions carried out at Bhabha Atomic explore Centre (BARC), Mumbai, in two front areas of science and technology namely Lasers and atom smasher.

The Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Engineering, Indore is part of the section of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India that carries out research and development in lasers, particle accelerators and other assoil technologies.

The institute is growing continuously and its area of research work, in science and technology is also exceptional new apparent horizon with each authorizing year.

Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology
Department of Atomic Energy
Govt. of India, P.O. CAT
Indore, M.P. 452013
Phone : +091- 731-2321321
+ 091- 731-2321344

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