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RCFL Buffalo

RCFL Buffalo
RCFL Examiners combine the talents and experience of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Normally, an RCFL consists of 15 people: 12 of the staff members are Examiners and 3 staff members support the RCFL. Each RCFL is governed by an Executive Board that operates in a manner similar to that of a board of directors. An RCFL is a one stop, full service forensics laboratory and training center committed entirely to the examination of digital proves in support of criminal investigations such as—
Child Pornography
Crimes of Violence
Trade secret theft
Theft or destruction to intellectual property
Financial crime
Property crime
Internet crimes

Courtroom Testimony
Prompt, Accurate, and Impartial Examinations of Digitally Stored Media
Duplication, Storage and Preservation of Electronic Equipment and other Digital Evidence
On-Site Seizure and Collection
Pre-Seizure Consultation

Robert Kosakowski
Tel.: 716-362-8600
45 Elm Street – 4th Floor
NY 14203

WNYRCFL Training Coordinator:
Laura Heldwein
(716) 362-8600

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