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RRCAT Tenders

Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT), Indore, was based in 1984 by the section of Atomic Energy (DAE) for committed pursuit of R&D in the areas of catalysts, cryogeny, Lasers, Plasma Physics, Vacuum Technology etc. Since then, the center on has set up two cyclotron actinotherapy Sources Indus-1 & Indus-2, which are national research facilities, and many smaller accelerator pedal for radiation processing applications.

The Centre has excellent cryogenic facilities as well as state-of-the-art instrumentalities for low fundamental measure physics measures.

The Raja Ramanna Centre for encouraged engineering (RRCAT), Indore has been employed in explore and growth activities on laser plasma fundamental interaction using 10 TW, 45 fs, Ti sapphire laser and a variety of in-house developed diagnostic systems for ultrasonic laser pulses, plasma and x-ray radiation.

Our recent studies include laser wake electron quickening, high order consonant coevals, resonance enhancement of single harmonics,

Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology
Indore 452013 (M.P), INDIA
Tel: +91-731-2321341
Fax: +91-731-2321343
Email: pdgupta (at)

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