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Sail India Products

SAIL is India’s biggest steel developing company. With a move of Rs. 48,681 crore, the company is amongst the top 5 highest profit acquiring corporate trust of the country. SAIL has five incorporated steel plants, three special plants, and one associate in different parts of the country. The Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has constantly been the predecessor in the steel field and exceeds the list of steel-constructing companies in India. They are fully incorporated iron and steel maker – where they develop both basic and special steels. These are used for domestic structure, engineering, power, railway, automotive and defense purposes. The main program is however to export. Though it assures about a 3rd of Indian steel industry, SAIL is no longer the country’s most prominent steel maker after Tata Steel’s takeover of Corus went through. In 2010 it formed a joint venture with POSCO.

Ispat Bhawan, Lodi Road
New Delhi
India (Map)
Phone: +91-2436-7481
Fax: +91-2436-7015

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