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Summer Research Programme India

Summer Research Programme India

Summer Research Programmes In IITS,Tata-Institute,Jncasr india Etc. are very significant and a policy requires to be framed how to deal with it.

As from what candidate know till now these are the main things they require to concentrate.
Good academically track record in College. Good research oriented record and contacts with physics department head about nanotech and developing relations with their physics head and be in conversation with him. Doing program of computer to be last resort but priorities should be to find a program in physics as soon as possible and keep updated yourself with physics programme and find other programes like nstc. Find some ways to get into physics olmpiard wherever potential like in IIT bombay. Think of getting somehow in pure physics and try gaining pure physics like QM SS EE etc. require to thing of being a member of more organization doing research in physics. Need of concentrating more nanotechs.

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