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Syllabus For MCA From MDU

Maharishi Dayanand University is one of the esteemed Universities that furnish the professional degree program to the aspiring student. The university is one of the best valuable universities since 1976. The university is one of the high universities regarding these program in northern India. Institute is sanctioned through Government of India for furnishing professional courses. Institute is sanctioned by AICTE, accredited through the state of Government of India, also recognized by the DEC for furnishing these reputed program.

Information about Syllabus For MCA From MDU
Course Structure
First Semester
MCA -01 Foundation Course in IT and MS-Office 2000
MCA -02 Computer Networking & Multimedia
MCA -03 Programming in C & Data Structures
MCA -04 Computer Organization and Architecture
MCA -05 Practical-1 (Based on M.Sc-01 & 03)
Second SemesterPaper No. Marks/Pass
MCA -06 Visual C++
MCA -07 Visual Basic & Oracle
MCA -08 System Analysis & Design
MCA -09 Practical-II (Based on M.Sc-06 & 07)
MCA -10 Project Work, Report & Viva-Voce
(Based on any language, software development tool etc.)
Third Semester
MCA -12 Software Engineering
MCA -13 Operating System & Unix – Programming in C and Data Structure*
MCA -14 Internet, Web Programming & Java – Computer Organization and Architecture*
MCA -15 Practical-III (Based on M.Sc-11 & 14)
(Based on M.Sc-11 & 13)*
Fourth Semester/Pass
MCA -16 Artificial Intelligence
MCA -17 Computer Graphics System Analysis & Design*
MCA -18 Object Oriented Analysis & Design – Microprocessor & Assembly Language*
MCA -19 Practical-IV (Based on M.Sc-17 & 18)
(Based on M.Sc-18)*
MCA -20 Project Report
Fifth Semester
MCA -21 Internet Programming using c#
MCA -22 Software Testing and Quality Assurance
MCA -23 Windows Programming
MCA -24 IT Management
MCA -25 Software Lab-Based on MCA-21 & MCA-23
Sixth Semester
MCA -26 Major Projects

Maharshi Dayanand University
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