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UCIL Narwapahar


The Uranium Corporation of India Ltd. (UCIL) recently finished its plan of uranium Mining and Mill at Narwapahar, Bihar. The Narwapahar mine, 12 km North West of Jaduguda, is one of the most contemporary mines in the nation. Satisfactory assets of uranium have been named to meet the demands of India’s presently imagined nuclear power plan. The uranium deposit at Jaduguda, Singhbhum district, Bihar, has been under victimization since 1962. The uranium storage space at Bhatin and Narwapahar are also presently being victimized. Ore from the three storage space is handled in a mill settled at Jaduguda in the Singhbhum region, and the afford is presently campaigning approximately 300 tons of uranium per year, which is more than enough to meet anticipated necessities through the early years of the next century.

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