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University Of Bombay Kalina

University Of Bombay Kalina
The University of Mumbai is a state university. It was located in Maharashtra state of India. The University of Mumbai is one of the oldest and premier Universities in India. It was opened in 1857. The University of Bombay has one of its two campuses set in the Kalina area in East Santa Cruz; the more previous is the “Fort Campus”, the original campus, while this is a more novel one. The name Kalina is obtained from the older name “Kole-Kalyan” – “Kalyan of the Kolis”; the campus has been given the name Vidyanagari” or “City of Knowledge”. It offers many courses other than just course of study well in fact it abounds in its natural glory and can also be considered as a green belt.
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Technology
Faculty of Medicine

Courses offered
Diploma Courses
Certificate Courses
Courses conducted by University Departments
Courses Conducted by Colleges/Institutions
Post Graduate Degree Courses
Post Degree Courses
IT Courses
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