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What To Do After Completing Bachelors Of Technology In Electronics And Communication

An electrical engineer may select to couple the technical aspects of a position with management responsibilities. The technical expertise needed for management at present time is growing because of the explosion of knowledge in engineering, technology, and science. The same abilities will equip you to assume leadership roles in your community and in professional circles outside the workplace.

The Bachelor of Technology in Electronics is a baccalaureate degree sanctioned through the BC Provincial Ministry of Advanced Education and is planned for electronics technologists (or equal) who wish to finish a degree while working. The program furnishes graduates with the knowledge and abilities required to design electrical, computer, automation and communication systems. A Bachelor of Science degree in engineering with a career in electrical engineering may also serve as a beginning point for careers in many other diverse fields, ranging from business to law, medicine, and politics, since the problem-solving abilities acquired in an electrical engineering program furnish an extraordinarily valuable asset.

Here are some typical job titles for engineers:
Design Engineer
Project Engineer
Engineering Specialist
Chief Engineer
Quality Control Engineer
Software Engineer
Development Engineer
Reliability Engineer
Research Engineer
Systems Design Engineer
Field Engineer
Test Engineer
Sales Engineer

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