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Clinical Perfusion Jobs

Perfusion is the term used to depict the text of fluent through with tissue. Insertion or objective introduction people are brothers of the open-heart surgery team who are mainly responsible for for the procedure of the heart-lung automobile.

How to apply:
Most NHS trusts now advertise on the NHS Jobs website, spaces are also pushed in local press and job centres. to boot you can contact the health facility/trusts for data on their chances or get in touch with the Chief Per fusion reactor.

Clinical perfusionists are key and highly competent brothers of the cardiac amastia team. This team carries out procedures such as:
Heart bypasses surgery; major organ and heart transplants; heart valve repair.
Setting up and managing a heart-lung machine; monitoring the patient’s condition throughout an operation.

Clinical Perfusion
35-43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
Tel: 020 7869 6891

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