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Construction Proposal

Construction Proposal

A construction proposal is also called as a request response. This document package is made when a constructor is requesting on a contract for a construction project. The details that are furnished as part of a construction proposal are planned to furnish enough information to allow the recipient to make a conclusion amongst multiple project patterns and constructors.

Contains of the Construction proposal
Your proposal form should contain the following:
Your company name, address, phone number, contractor license number and expiration date.
A statement limiting the number of days your proposal is good for.
A place for a general contractor to sign, if he chooses to contract via your proposal.
A description of what your scope of work entails, including material.
The dollar amount on your proposal should be written in words as well as numbers.
Payment arrangements should be listed.
Your signature as well as your printed name.
Current date, job name and job location.
The title of your scope of work.
Mention of a joint check agreement if it is applicable.

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