FSI Calculation

FSI Calculation

Introduction for FSI
Forest Survey of India was produced in the year June 1981.FSI is a government organization in India below the union Ministry of Environment and Forests for conducting forest surveys and studies. The aims of the organization is monitoring sporadically the changing situation of land and forest resources and present the data for national planning; conservation and management of environmental preservation and implementation of social forestry projects.

The main objective of Forest survey of India in mapping and monitoring forest and tree cover of the country on a two-year cycle is to recognize the dynamic changes of forest resources in terms of quantity and quality over a period of time so that allow planning and management interventions can be developed for their conservation and sustainable utilization.

FSI Activities
Thematic mapping
Vegetation Mapping
Electronic Data Processing
Designing of Methodology, Consultancy and Special Studies
Digital Image Processing and National Forest Data Management Centre

Contact for FSI
Forest Survey of India (FSI)
Ministry of Environment & Forests
Kaulagarh Road, P.O., IPE
DEHRADUN – 248 195

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