HPU M Phil Admission in July

I want to take admission in M.Phil course at Himachal Pradesh University so on which date admission will start? Also give me its syllabus?

You want to take admission in M.Phil course at Himachal Pradesh University so admission procedure will start from 1st Week of July and classes will start from Last week of July. Right now its date is still not published yet but whenever notification will publish we will provide you.


I. Research Methodology in Biotechnology
1) Survey of techniques used in biotechnology: Principal, general procedure and instrumentation in centrifugation, electrophoresis, chromatography, spectrophotometry, spectroscopy, crystallography autoradiography and microscopy, general techniques in microbiology.
2) Bioinfomatics and computer applications: Computer network, on-line control using computers, Use of database, EMBL. NBAF, protein structural data bank, sequence analysis of proteins and nucleic acids, structure prediction, molecular modeling, bibliographic and nonbibliographic Research. II. Scientific Writing:
3) Scientific document: Organization and writing of a research paper, short communications, review articles, monographs, technical and survey reports, authored books and edited books, and dissertation.
4) Scientific literature: Abstracts and journals in biotechnology floppy forms of journals, major libraries subscribing journals related to biotechnology in the region and country

For complete syllabus you are free to download attached pdf file and it is free for you.

HPU M Phil Syllabus

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