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ICFAI MCA Syllabus

Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University, Tripura is a master person curriculum in data Technology. The MCA curriculum trains scholarly person in state-of-the-art engineering. Students are trained to design and carry out data systems that enhance organism and fiscal functions, add value to being productions or clients, provide new products,. I hope to learn more about them, realize what they are seeking to do, what they have reached so far and how they are becoming about it, beginning with this post.

Module Subject, FCC – 1 the Context, FCC – 2 the Technology, FCC – 3 the Application, FCC – 4The Microsoft Office.

FCM – 1Basic Concepts, FCM – 2Basic Algebra, FCM – 3Basic Geometry & Trigonometry, FCM – 4Equations, Matrices, Calculus and Statistics.

Institute of Chartered Financial
45, Nagarjuna Hills,
Hyderabad 500082
Tel: 040- 23435328/29/30/45
Fax: 040-23435347/48

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